Just a little graphic design on the side.

I enjoy helping anyone out anyway I can. This was done for a band that is located in Massachusetts. I just sent this to them, hopefully they don’t ask for too many changes! But overall it’s official, Photoshop is my application of choice. I was using Illustrator for a while, but there is just so much more freedom in photoshop!

Hopefully I can find a few more people to do stuff for so I can make my portfolio stronger. It’s enjoyable to do some free work and not try to negotiate prices, especially if the client has no money to begin with!

It just goes to show how much I enjoy what I do when money isn’t what I hope to achieve.

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A little slow on the updates…

Lately I’ve been running back in fourth between many things, and have almost abandoned this blog. I’ve decided to keep this thing up and going as much as I can.

I’ll be posting some new things once I can get a hold of a camera (which sounds pretty lame for a graphic artist, but I swear I have a legitimate excuse…) and can take a few pictures of some graphic designs that I want to talk about.

I plan to post some stuff as soon as I can!

For now, check out this cool animated GIF I made 😛

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Inspiration is only a few mouse clicks away.

Ideas are said to be great things, but when fighting for sleep they can be your worst enemy.

For the past week or so I’ve been procrastinating in a most strange way. I have to complete a set of 8 portfolios for my school so my credits can transfer from my previous college. Instead, I’ve been creating my own portfolio to express myself outside of school and work (hence, the blog).

Now one would think these tasks could easily overlap and that I wasn’t procrastinating at all; I wish that were the case, but the way I’m doing both tasks are completely different (I’ll spare you the details).

Although I may be procrastinating in my own sense, I feel like this is what I like to call productive procrastination. When you procrastinate (wow I’m using that word a lot) I would think that it is not using your time wisely. But in my own situation, I technically am. I think I’m using my time more wisely than if I was doing something else.

This all started when being inspired. Why was I inspired. I don’t know.
Maybe it was the new indie music I stumbled upon or maybe it was sitting down and experimenting outside of my “safe zone” of graphic design.
Who knows. Maybe it was my roommate’s bottled water I found in the back of my fridge.

All I know is I got a driving force inside my brain.

Now for any artists out there. Maybe you can relate?

I’m not saying I’m a changed man, or that i’ve decided to reach for the stars. I’m just saying:
“It’s time to focus on more of what I love, at least for now”

Puzzle Graphic
This is a still shot from my 30 second animation. After this puzzle animation it says “Break free from boring design, and build something amazing”

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Up and going

Hello to anyone who stumbles upon my blog, or directed to it.

My name is Myles Burke. I’m a Graphic Designer with an associates degree, and right now i’m going for my bachelors degree.

I have a decent amount of experience and knowledge; and this knowledge and experience grows each and every passing day.

I’m currently attending SCAD in Savannah, GA. I just moved to Savannah a few months ago from Worcester, MA.

Although I can design websites, I’m using WordPress for the sake of convenience and time. Until I can complete my other website, this will have to do.

I’ll be posting my works and experiences and feel free to comment and leave feedback.


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