My name is Myles Burke.

I’m a Graphic Designer with my associates degree from Auburn, MA. I’m currently going to SCAD in Savannah, GA for my bachelor degree.

I think visual communication is becoming increasing popular and is by far the most important aspect of any business; big or small. We are surrounded by graphic design. Look at the newspapers, the magazines, your coffee cup. Look at the billboards or that stop sign, the chicken noodle soup you just picked up from the grocery store. Look at the your favorite band’s CD covers, the logo on your tennis racket, your favorite sports team’s jersey or helmet.

We are engulfed in graphic design. No matter where you look, it’s there, right in your face asking you a question:
“Do you want to buy me?”
“Do you want to drink me?”
“Do you want to throw me?”
“Do you want to hold me?”
“Do you want to wear me?”

If that logo catches your eye, or the shape of that card makes you fall in love; odds are you just purchased it.

I love every aspect of graphic design. I love creating digital art that can be shared everwhere. I love the late hours of night working on a design, or trying to go to sleep with all of my ideas rushing in. Graphic Design is here to stay and i’ve never been more happy.

I never want to try to think of a world without graphic design. It would be just so….. boring.

Myles Burke


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